Sometimes life goes out of focus, or gets blurry, or we lose focus or we can’t focus on anything and that is when we need to REFOCUS, maybe with the help of a therapist. I was a photographer once, and I often had to refocus the lens to see the picture in front of me clearly, or to see what I couldn’t see before. At times I needed to look at things from a different angle or change my position. Quite often I had to adjust the settings on the camera to get the best picture – in focus, sharp and well composed.

At REFOCUS child & family therapy…

We want to help you do that: Reset your life and thoughts, Refocus and see with new eyes, zoom in, re-adjust in order to capture the beauty that you might have missed or maybe even restart in order to be Restored and be:

Encouraged ~ Equipped ~ Empowered

This is what we need to do on our life journey, in our relationships, in our families, with our children, in our workplaces, wherever we are on this life journey.