REFOCUS, was previously known as “Heidi Langley Therapy Practice“, but has been changed to “REFOCUS Child and Family Therapy“.

What to expect?

At REFOCUS, we will provide you with an opportunity to tell your story in a safe, warm and positive confidential setting through fostering a therapeutic relationship between therapist and client. We will deal with unresolved issues where necessary, to help you restore to wellness, we will develop skills to help you live a meaningful and focused life and be confident in who you are. We help children become resilient, brave and be empowered and we equip parents to be the best they can be.

“It’s a privilege to be able to bear witness to someone’s story when they may not have had the chance to tell it before.”

Author unknown

We will help you reframe your thinking, your feelings and help you make different choices, by refocusing your life, embracing change and becoming resilient.

Refocus offers therapeutic support and help to individuals and families in the beautiful Sunshine coast hinterland.