What is this service about?

Heidi, at REFOCUS, is an Accredited Mental Health Social worker, who provides therapeutic services that is client-centered and trauma-informed. It is a mental health service to children, adolescents, women and their families. We offer a wide range of focused psychological and therapeutic strategies to help you and your family on your life journey, becoming resilient and embracing the change you want in your life. Sometimes we as adults need to refocus our thinking, sometimes our children need to refocus their behaviour, or their mindset.


Heidi has worked extensively with families, assisting parents to develop strategies to meet the emotional and developmental needs of their children and helping families thrive and become vibrant. Sometimes we as parents, need to refocus our attention on our children.


Heidi has empowered woman to become resilient and assertive in their lives in order to flourish and become the vibrant women they can be.


And she has worked with numerous children, helping them heal from pain, get empowered and become resilient members of society. We provide individual and group therapy to children (3-12) through play therapy and other means to express their feelings in productive ways, engage in a journey to healing and feel empowered to make good choices in life.

REFOCUS is situated in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.